Wireless Power Summit

Powercast, established in 2003, is the leading provider of RF-based long-range wireless power.  Behaving like Wi-Fi where enabled devices simply charge when within range of a power transmitter, Powercast’s contactless charging technology provides over-the-air power at a distance to multiple devices – no wires, cables or charging mats needed.  After receiving FCC and IC approval in 2010 for its Powercaster® transmitter which can charge enabled devices up to 80 feet, the company has helped customers wirelessly recharge their industrial and commercial devices such as hermetically sealed waterproof designs and battery-free wireless sensors for condition monitoring.  Powercast is now expanding into consumer electronics with its next-generation PowerSpot® transmitter which is currently undergoing FCC testing. The PowerSpot can be a standalone device, or be built into another consumer product that then becomes a “PowerSpot” able to charge multiple devices around it. The goal is for consumers to simply place enabled items for recharging within range of a PowerSpot in their home or other public places. A subassembly for manufacturers to test wireless charging in their own devices is already available from distributors Arrow, Future and Mouser Electronics, and Powercast plans to bring the standalone PowerSpot to market later in 2017.  How it works:  A Powercast transmitter sends RF energy to the Powerharvester embedded in a device, which converts it to DC (with up to 75% efficiency) to recharge its batteries or directly power the device.  Powercast’s IP portfolio includes 41 patents worldwide (21 in the US) and 29 patents pending. www.powercastco.com.