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Wireless Power Summit

nok9: Setting the global standard for wireless charging

The company is a recognized supplier of measurement equipment for wireless charging, and a world leader in complete solutions for test automation and quality assurance. For example, nok9 has delivered test systems according to the Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard, and is responsible for a comprehensive auditing and maintenance program for Microsoft’s Xbox products. nok9 draws on its long history of testing and quality assurance to develop complete reference test tools for wireless charging.

Test equipment can be upgraded to include support for Foreign Object Detection (FOD) for certification of Qi-enabled devices, and a Power Calibrator is also available to make extremely precise measurements of transmitted power. In addition, nok9 offers comprehensive customer service and contributes regularly to standardization efforts.

CATS™ testing solutions are perfect tools for protecting quality and production efficiency. We offer a complete package, including high-precision analyzers, extensive customer support and training. With a large installed base of analyzers worldwide, nok9’s solutions have achieved recognition as the de facto standard in testing of wireless charging.

We are based in Malmö, Sweden, with a service and support network of distributors worldwide