2017 Wireless Power Summit: Exclusive Content from Technical Experts

High level program featuring world leading experts in wireless power- Meet this year's speakers.

  • Bill von Novak

    Principal Engineer Qualcomm

    Bill von Novak has been at Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated since 1994, when he worked on early CDMA base stations and handsets.  Since then he has been working in the field of power management and wireless power transmission, and now leads the wireless power group at Qualcomm.  He spearheaded the formation of the AirFuel Alliance and has remained active in that organization.  He has 155 issued patents in almost a dozen countries, most covering wireless power transmission.

  • Chris Arney

    Lead Electrical Engineer Flex

    Chris Arney grew up tinkering with electronics and helping his father program, setup, install, and repair custom home automation systems. He grew up in a family of early adopters who installed and used the latest in home electronics technologies. He had decided he was going to be an electrical engineer by third grade. His first job outside his family was working for an electronics repair shop at 14 where he salvaged and tested out of production components for reuse.

    Chris earned two associates degrees in electronics and one bachelor’s degrees within five years. He graduated in the first Bachelor of Wireless Hardware Engineering class at Auburn University. He is currently a Lead Electrical Engineer for Flex where he specializes in designing wearables. Chris has designed with Qi, A4WP, NFC, and other proprietary protocols to charge batteries in wearables.

    The fashion industry is now aggressively moving into the wearables space. Chris has worked with the fashion and wearables industry, integrating electronics into jewelry and smart watches. He has faced many challenges working wireless charging into designs where the look and feel of the device is often as important as the functionality.

  • David W Baarman

    CTO and Co-Founder Inceptioneering LLC

    As the founder of Inceptioneering LLC Dave plans to leverage many years of innovation history.  This can be accomplished through providing innovation services and specifically innovation within the wireless power space.  The partnership between Amway and Inceptioneering is set to be a continuation of the trust in Dave to move the wireless power opportunity through implementing and educating companies regarding wireless power.

    Previously as Manager of the Advanced Technologies Group for Amway’s Durables R&D, Dave’s work involved several water treatment products including the eSpring flagship systems and new biological filtration systems.    eSpring™ is the world’s largest-selling brand of home water treatment systems in the world providing over a billion dollars in revenue per year.   A 30 watt wireless power system and amazing product story.

    While at Amway, Dave created the wireless power brand eCoupled™ which soon spawned Fulton Innovation.  Dave became Director of Advanced Technologies for Fulton Innovation and the lead inventor of eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology, being responsible for the technical oversight of eCoupled.  Fulton’s eCoupled™ is a foundational technology implemented in the Qi global wireless power standard.  Fulton has had a key role in the Wireless Power Consortium driving the Qi standard. The WPC presently has over 211 company members today including top electronics companies including Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC and others. Qi is integrated into 65 mobile phones and over 733 Qi registered products available today resulting in over 40 million devices in the marketplace. Fulton’s technology is also integrated into multiple chip sets from most of the top semiconductor companies (TI, IDT, Freescale).


    Baarman joined Amway in 1997, with more than 20 years of leadership experience developing consumer and industrial products. As part of Amway’s Access Business Group, Baarman pioneered the use of intelligent inductive coupling in eSpring™ the company’s highly successful line of water treatment systems. These innovations serve as the foundational science behind eCoupled™, which is now available for license to interested manufacturers. Baarman holds over 300 United States patents, 560 foreign patents and has 350 patent applications pending.  Prior to Amway Dave started EBW Electronics, EBW Electronics was one of his funded “start ups” and EBWE is rated 2,338th in the nation with 166% growth in the past three years.  Other awards include multiple creativity awards, 2010-2011 Michigan Leadership in Innovation finalist, an Edison award finalist in 2011 and winner in 2012, 2011 Best in Biz Award. 2012 Technology Executive of the Year and 2012 Product Development/Management Executive of the Year.

  • Dan Bladen

    Co-Founder and CEO Chargifi

    Dan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Chargifi and serves on the leadership team for the Airfuel Alliance. He is passionate about using technology to solve everyday problems; creating efficient systems that do the hard work – instead of us.

    Dan grew up selling lawnmowers for his father’s garden machinery company, playing with network components and building computers to sell to friends.

    Since then, Dan has been involved variously in the arenas of technology, music, management and sales. Prior to Chargifi he oversaw a team of 50 and designed and implimented network and AV infrastructure for a £6.5 million building project in West London. 

    Dan is quick to spot and embrace innovation and is an early adopter of anything to do with the Internet of Things.

    Dan has a degree in Theology, is married to Jessica and has two kids.

  • Ivan Chuba

    CTO/Head of R&D TechNovator

    An electronic engineer, inventor, founder of the TechNovator project - a wireless power transmission system at a distance.

    Ivan is working in the field of electronics for more than 20 years. He has 10 years of experience in commercial development. The main direction of development is power electronics, power amplifiers, acoustic systems, control systems that are built on microcontrollers and sensors of control.

    He graduated from National Technical University of Ukraine at the specialization «Mechanical and Precision Instrument Engineering» and Sumy State University at the specialization «Computer Science».

    Ivan has a lot of experience in developing new products from the idea to bringing them on the market. One of the successful products is external flash for smartphones iBlazr.

    In addition, Ivan is CTO at DeviceVoice - a hardware and software platform for monitoring and remote control of vending machines in real time.

    The purposefulness and rich experience of Ivan allow him to expand the conventional boundaries of innovative technologies in the field of electronics and software for the interaction between electronic devices and humans.

  • Stéphane Czeck

    Director of Marketing - NFC & Wireless Charging National Instruments

    As director of marketing - NFC and Wireless Charging, Stéphane Czeck defines the R&D roadmap of Nationan Instruments for those topics, and makes sure it stays consistent with the requirements of the market. He has gathered 15 years of experience in smartcards, RFID, NFC and wireless power areas, and spends a significant part of his time spreading the word about the importance of a massive adoption of the related technologies, and how relevant Micropross test equipment are to test them. He has already held specialized seminars in various parts of the planet, such as China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Germany and the United States.

    His enthusiasm for the technology, the market in general, and the customers in particular make Stéphane a very appreciated speaker, telling inspired stories and giving valuable insights about his domain of expertise.

    Stéphane holds an engineering degree in computer science, microelectronics and automated systems from the University of Lille 1.

  • Colin Gibbs

    Editor FierceWireless

    Colin Gibbs is the Editor of FierceWireless and has covered the mobile industry for more than a decade as a journalist, analyst and consultant. He has appeared as a speaker at industry events and on national TV and radio broadcasts, and previously managed Peak Mobile Insights, a boutique consulting firm he founded in 2014.

  • Tommy Hitchcock

    VP of Technology DAVACO

    As Vice President of Technology, Tommy is responsible for the sales and operational deployment of Wireless Power throughout North America. This effort includes the management of key hardware and software relationships and expanding list of industry partners and clients. Tommy joined DAVACO in early 2015 as a member of the Business Development team prior to being promoted to his current position. Prior to joining DAVACO Tommy spent 10 years in Construction sales and management and 23 years in the Contract Furniture Industry including 8 years in manufacturing and 15 years as an owner of three office furniture dealerships. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Texas Tech University. 

  • Dr. Ron-Chi Kuo

    Researcher University of Florida

    Dr. Ron-Chi Kuo received her Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Florida in 2017. Her research interests include wireless power transfer and RF circuits and system design. During her PhD study, Ms. Kuo worked as a full time intern at MediaTek Inc, Woburn exploring 3D wireless charging systems especially for mobile and wearable device application. She received 2015 IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference Overall Best Paper Award (voted by all attendees), and 2016 IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference Best Student Paper Award Second Place."

  • Ben Li

    Founder and CEO Boeone

    Ben Li is the founder and CEO of Boeone and top executive in Glory Harvest Group (GHG). With his background of mechatronic engineering, he leaded BOEONE to develop over 69 patents for wireless charging technology issued by State Intellectual Property office of the P.R.C.

    Ben also served as former CEO and Chairman of the CWN Mining Acquisition Company which is listed on Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada and specialized on mining technology and development.

    Ben currently serves as the policy advisor to the local government in Shenzhen City and the Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Maoming City.

    Ben has rich experiences in cooperation management. He plays the leading project management role in the world-class project in GHG, responsible for the design and development of DTG mine, China’s largest underground iron mine.

    Ben is obsessed to the wireless charging technology. He intends to eliminate the charging cables and bringing a charging revolution, change people’s power charging behavior. Ben has a strategic plan to build the wireless charging infrastructure in China, giving a smart convenient wireless charging service to the society.

    Ben has a degree in mechatronic engineering, is married to Olivia and has a son living in Shenzhen, China.

  • Dr. Jenshan Lin

    Professor University of Florida

    Prof. Lin received the B.S. degree in Electrophysics from National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C., in 1987, and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), in 1991 and 1994, respectively.  His current research interests include sensors and biomedical applications of microwave and millimeter-wave technologies, wireless energy transfer and conversion, RF system-on-chip integration, and integrated antennas. Dr. Lin has authored or co-authored over 260 technical publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings. He holds 15 patents and has several other patent applications. Since joining University of Florida, he has graduated 26 PhD students.

  • Rainer Lutz

    Director Segment New Business PL Secure Car Access, BU Automotive NXP Semiconductors

    Rainer Lutz is Business Segment Manager in the NXP Business Unit Automotive responsible for Automotive NFC and Secure Elements.

    He is managing a strong team of technical and commercial experts, who are defining and executing the marketing strategy, product and solution portfolio and technical design in support.

    Rainer is coordinating the engagement with Automotive OEMs and TierOnes in the respective application field, leveraging NXP's global sales force. He is a regular speaker at conferences and chairs the Automotive Task Force at the NFC Forum standardization body. Rainer holds Masters degrees in Cybernetics, Engineering and Philosophy from the Ecole Centrale Paris and the University of Stuttgart.

  • David F. Meng

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer PowerSphyr Inc.

    David is the founder and CEO of PowerSphyr which has developed a first-to-market, multi-technology wireless power architecture that supports RF-to-DC, Magnetic Resonance, as well as backwards compatibility for legacy inductive charging (e.g. Qi, PMA). Through proprietary and patent-pending technologies, PowerSphyr delivers wireless power to mobile devices, wearables, medical devices, and industrial/IoT sensors without physical interconnect. PowerSphyr is the world's only solution that seamlessly optimizes near-field and far-field energy transfer.

    David Meng is an innovator in the wireless power industry, with 17 years of executive leadership, hardware development, manufacturing and marketing experience in the U.S. and abroad. Prior to PowerSphyr, Mr. Meng founded and served as CEO of Spectra Optronics International, an advanced clean technology company specializing in LED products for general illumination. From 2005 and 2010, he led regional marketing and operations for Multi-FineLine Electronix (NASDAQ: MFLX), where he managed corporate relationships with the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturers, including HTC, Foxconn, Flextronics, Asus/Pegatron and Acer/Wistron. Earlier in his career, he held positions with leading global electronics corporations, including Wearnes Global headquartered in Singapore and Delta Electronics, the world’s largest power supply manufacturer headquartered in Taipei.

    Mr. Meng studied Business Administration, Marketing at Portland State University and completed Executive Leadership course work at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Brad Miller

    Chief Technology Officer Gill Electronics

    Brad Miller is the Chief Technology Officer for Gill. He is responsible for research, technology development, and product/process innovation across all of Gill’s product lines. This includes leading Gill Electronics extensive efforts in innovation, integration, and commercialization of its TesLink® wireless power products into automotive, furniture, hospitality, medical and industrial applications.

    Brad serves on the board of directors for the AirFuel Alliance where he has served in various leadership and chair roles. He also serves as the co-chair for CTE’s R6 WG22 committee focused on standards for wireless power charging and efficiency.

    Brad brings 25+ years of experience in developing and bringing innovative products to market. At Gill since 1999 he has lead the development and launch of numerous products that have established Gill as a global partner for innovative solutions and products.

    Previous to working at Gill, he has worked at several global manufacturers focused on automotive trim, seating, electronics, mirrors and glass in various positions in product development, program management, sales and marketing. 

  • Dr. Zeljko Pantic

    Assistant Professor Utah State University

    Zeljko Pantic received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from the School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade University, Serbia, in 1998 and 2007, respectively. In 2009, he joined the NSF-funded Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) Research Center at North Carolina State University (NCSU, Raleigh, NC) as a research assistant. After graduation in 2013, he joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Utah State University as an Assistant Professor. He also serves as an Associate Director of the Electrified Vehicles and Roadways (EVR) research facility at USU, and a subthrust leader of the Dynamic Wireless Charging group at SELECT Research Center (USU). His primary areas of interest are systems for wireless inductive power transfer, control of power electronic converters and electromagnetic energy conversion with specific applications to transportation electrification and dynamic charging systems, etc. 

  • Afshin Partovi

    CEO and Founder Mojo Mobility Inc.

    Afshin founded Mojo Mobility in 2005 sensing a market need for wireless power in mobile, automotive and industrial applications.  Before founding Mojo Mobility, Afshin was the CEO of Excel Technologies advising companies and governments on Technology management including management of a €150 million portfolio of Technology projects for the government of Republic of Ireland.  Prior to that, Afshin led Product Management and Product Dev at Digilens, a Networking and Virtual Reality Company in Silicon Valley.  Afshin previously managed Strategy and Business Development for Lucent’s Broadband Networks Business Unit which had an annual revenue of over $1 B.  Earlier in his career, he has had management and development roles at Lucent’s Bell Laboratories, AT&T, Hughes Corp, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories. 


    Afshin holds Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California and an MBA from Columbia University.  He has authored over 70 reviewed publications and is an inventor on over 50 patents.

  • Dr. Zoya Popovic

    Distinguished Professor and Lockheed Martin Chair University of Colorado

    Zoya Popovic is a Distinguished Professor and the Lockheed Martin Endowed Chair of Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado. She obtained her Dipl.Ing. degree at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and her Ph.D. at Caltech. She has graduated over 55 PhD students and currently advises 15 graduate students in various areas of high-frequency electronics and microwave engineering. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and the recipient of two IEEE MTT Microwave Prizes for best journal papers, the White House NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow award, the URSI Issac Koga Gold Medal, the ASEE/HP Terman Medal and the German Humboldt Research Award. She was named IEEE MTT Distinguished Educator in 2013 and a Distinguished Research Lecturer of the University of Colorado in 2016. She has a husband physicist and three daughters who can all solder.  

  • Ron Resnick

    President & Chairman of the Board AirFuel Alliance

    Ron Resnick is a business development professional with over 25 years of experience successfully growing high technology businesses and their ecosystems. Ron serves as President and Chairman of the Board for AirFuel Alliance, continuing the role he occupied within Power Matters Alliance. From 2002 - 2012, Ron filled various roles at Intel and as President and Chairman of the Board of the WiMAX Forum, an industry association driving 4G wireless broadband. At Intel, Ron launched and served as General Manager of Intel's Broadband Wireless business startup delivering one of the first 4G broadband modems. Initial role at Intel included Intel Capital Investment Director and Director of New Business Development at Intel's Architecture Labs, successfully funding and managing the launch of multiple seed and new business ventures. Earlier in his career, Ron was Vice President of Marketing at a computer peripherals manufacturer and developed one of the first VOIP instant messaging applications. Prior to his contributions in the corporate world, Ron also served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force.

  • Ryan Sanderson

    CTO Aircharge

    Following nine years’ experience in a power and energy market research role, including the position of principal analyst for wireless power and charging at leading market research firm, IHS, Ryan joined Aircharge in January 2015 and leads its commercial development.

    Ryan has a technical background from the completion of a BEng (Hons) in electrical and electronic engineering at Loughborough University and has presented at many of the major wireless power events during the past five years. Ryan also represents Aircharge in its role as Chair of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Infrastructure Applications Group (IAG).

  • Ky Sealy

    Senior Principal Engineer WiTricity Corporation

    Ky Sealy currently works for WiTricity Corporation as a Senior Principal Engineer.  Ky began working in the field of resonant wireless power transfer in 2010 as an electrical engineer and technical lead for an efficient 5 kilowatt resonant wireless power system.  Since 2010 he has been directly involved in designing resonant wireless power systems ranging in power from a few hundred milliwatts to 25 kilowatts across a range of applications and industries.

     Ky has served as the sub-team chair for alignment on SAE’s J2954 automotive wireless charging standards committee since shortly after its inception in 2011.  Since March, 2014 Ky has been the chair for the resonator administration committee in the AirFuel Alliance (formerly A4WP) responsible for all technical aspects of resonant magnetic interoperability.  In June 2016, Ky was elected chair of the consolidated Magnetic Resonance Working Committee, overseeing all technical aspects of resonant wireless power transfer in the AirFuel Alliance.

    As an electrical engineer, he has a broad background in electronic and software systems.  He holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Utah State University where he previously taught Microelectronics I & II as an invited lecturer.  Since beginning his career in engineering, he has worked in a wide variety of fields including advanced LIDAR systems, UAV RF communications, and end-to-end system design for several start-up companies.  During his career he started an engineering design and consulting business where he served an even wider range of industries ranging from medical and aerial to robotics and power design.  Ky Sealy has a number of issued patents and patents pending as well as publications in the areas of LIDAR and resonant wireless power transfer.

  • Vinit Singh

    Founder SquareTrail

    Dr. Vinit Singh is the Founder of SquareTrail, a Technology Strategy & Engineering firm. SquareTrail enables its customers to reduce cost and time-to-development of products that include Wireless Power and Low Data-Rate Communications.  

    Until June 2017, he was also the Chief Technology Officer at NuCurrent, a leader of thin, printed wireless power transfer solutions. He developed NuCurrent’s fundamental technology and knowhow, and guided its technology focus, IP leadership efforts, product development roadmap and customer engagement. Prior to that he architected the company’s pivot from medical devices into wireless power, raised venture capital and grew the engineering team by 10x to transform an innovation into a product.

    Singh helped NuCurrent develop a portfolio of over 65 patents granted or pending worldwide, leading to NuCurrent being named No. 1 on 2015 Crain’s Chicago Business Eureka Index with the highest per-capita patent output of any company in Illinois. The company was also listed in the top 10 percent overall in patent quality score.

    He has twice been named a ITA CityLIGHTS Awards “Technologist of the Year” Finalist, which honors individuals whose innovation and success drive growth in the technology industry and in Illinois. He designed and helped productize a printed resonator for the world’s first FCC-certified AirFuel-Resonance product, which was awarded the Flexi Product Innovation award by the FlexTech Alliance in 2017.

    A thought leader in wireless power, he has given several invited presentations, including as the keynote, at academic and industry conferences organized by IEEE, IDTechEx, Battery Power, Ansys, etc. He has authored over 30 articles in publications ranging from multiple IEEE journals to digital industry publications such as WDD, EDN, Electronic Design and Electronics Cooling.  
    Singh received his BS from Indian Institute of Technology and PhD in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University. While attending the university, he developed wireless telemetry systems for the world’s first Artificial Retina Implant, which was recognized as a 2009 R&D 100 award winner.

    Vinit considers himself an accidental entrepreneur, a quarter-proficient guitar player, and an avid player of any sport that involves a racket or a cricket bat. He believes that every manager should read the book “Thinking Fast and Slow” to understand that everyone has unrecognized predispositions that could lead them to make sub-optimal decisions. He lives in Austin with his wife and daughter.


  • Chris T. Burket

    Senior Marketing Engineer TDK Corporation of America

    Chris T. Burket joined TDK Corporation of America in 1995 and has held several Sales, Marketing and Engineering positions. He has been involved in product design, technical sales and marketing, and has been awarded over 20 worldwide. patents. Chris' current position is as a Senior Marketing Engineer supporting Wireless Power Transfer shields, coil assemblies and modules, as well as numerous other related passive components. Chris currently resides in TDK's Orange County, CA office but his supports North and South America and New Zealand. For more information, please contact chris.burket@us.tdk.com.

  • Tim Warwick

    BYRNE Director of Innovation

    Since being asked to step up as Byrne’s Director of Innovation in 2004, Tim Warwick has stayed true to his title as a driver for change across the organization. Byrne is a leading provider of power and technology solutions for contract office environments, as well as healthcare, hospitality, education and residential spaces.

    Through the years, Tim has overseen a great many product development activities for Byrne—working to understand industry trends in design and technology integration, and to champion the production of valued, on-trend products for our customer markets. He has lead innovation strategies, and suggested key improvements that have resulted in numerous corporate-wide advancements, and new products themselves. Byrne currently holds 409 worldwide patents, with 161 based in the United States. Since decentralizing Idea Generation in 2008, the company has documented over 1050 Innovation WORPS and seen 3.5% of all innovation-driven ideas patented.

    A family-owned business with a 45-year history of creating power solutions based on customer needs, Byrne works to continually anticipate where technology is moving. Tim holds a B.A. degree from Aquinas College in Business Administration and currently resides in Rockford, Michigan with his wife and four kids.

  • Vicky Yussuff

    Lead Wireless Power Analyst IHS Markit

    Vicky is the lead Wireless Power Analyst at IHS Markit, focused on research in to key technology trends and consumer survey analysis. She provides clients with insight into the latest market developments and dynamics, including speaking at industry events on the future of wireless charging and authoring the Wireless Power Market Tracker product.  Since joining IHS in 2012, Vicky has worked across the Power & Energy research team including Power Supplies and Power Semiconductors, before specialising in Wireless Power from 2015.  She is based in the IHS Markit office in Wellingborough, UK.