WiTricity’s partners with Japanese manufacturer Daihen

Past Wireless Power presenter WiTricity is expanding their reach by partnering with Japanese manufacturer Daihen. A wireless charging company and a robotic company may seem like an unlikely pair but the two go hand-in-hand.  

Daihen specializes in the production of automatic guided vehicles which can carry parts through factories and warehouses using pre-set pathways. Dainhen plans to utilizes WiTricity's magnetic resonance technology that can be used to wireless charge the vehicles Daihen produces.

WiTricity’s specialty focuses in highly resonate wireless power transfer. They work to provide wireless power and communication connections to a variety of robots and vehicles used to carry goods across warehouses.

By forming the partnership, the companies are hoping to expand growth opportunities through the  increased use of robotics in the manufacturing  industry.  

"The industrial robotics market is primed to take advantage of wireless charging technology, and WiTricity is pleased to be working with a leader in the space like Daihen," said David Sachatz, WiTricity Vice President of Business Development.  "companies across the industry will have access to WiTricity technology in turn-key products and systems delivered by Daihen."

“Daihen sees wireless power transfer as a foundational technology for the factory of the future, and we expect wireless charging to be a growth engine for DAIHEN’s business,” said Yoshinori Tsuruda, general manager of wireless power transfer system development at Daihen. “Working with WiTricity allows us to enter the market for AGV wireless charging, while providing Daihen with a technology platform to bring wireless charging to a broader range of industrial applications.”

Reade the full interview published by PDDnet.com here.

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