Samsung brings consumers the SE370, a TV that—like you—multitasks

By Jason Brick, Writer at PSFK

Samsung has released a monitor with a charging station at the base where users can wirelessly charge their phones. The wireless charging station won’t take away from the monitor’s ability to display content, or even change the lines of the design, and is compatible with any phone that uses Qi wireless charging.

This design solves two problems at once, first tackling the issue location for charging a phone. The TV room and work desk are two places where outlets tend to be at a premium. Further, those places are often the worst culprits for “cable tangle” because of all the electronics already there. Instead of dealing with either issue, users just set their phones at the base of the monitor and confirm that the green “charging” light has come on.

Samsung’s TV isn’t the only, or even the first, entry in the “devices that do their job andcharge your phone” category. Here at PSFK we recently covered a lamp that wirelessly charges phones. It’s probably not the breakthrough technology of the year, like 3D printing in 2014 or wearables, but expect to see more and better from the trend as the months go by.

The SE370 comes in two sizes, 23.6 inches and 27 inches. The monitor has multiple features catering to movie lovers and gamers. For workers, there’s a blue screen option where it will lower the amount of blue light emitted from the screen to help protect a user’s lens. The monitor will also prevent flicking to occur that would strain user’s eyes.

The screen has a smooth tracking system for all the action of today’s movies and games. This prevents motion blur and ghost images to linger on screen. A user will automatically make these changes to the screen when switching to a game or movie. The monitor will also auto-detect these changes to improve visuals based on the activity of the user.

For further information and updates about where to get the charging monitor and how much you can expect to pay, check in at the Samsung blog.